Kelly's Solo Trip to England and Ireland travel blog

Kelly's Solo Trip to England and Ireland

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Welcome to my trip journal!

I'll be traveling from Atlanta through Baltimore, MD, to London and various spots in England. Then on to Dublin for a bus tour of Ireland. Won't you come along with me and share the experience?

Not sure if you can add comments on the journal site, but go ahead and email them to me. May not get right back to you, as I'll be adding more notes about my adventures!


PS That's me and my grandson, Nathaniel, in the photo!

Order: oldest at bottom ( reverse )

Day 17 (Monday)
Day 16 (Sunday)
Day 15 (Saturday)
Day 14 (Friday)
Day 13 (Thursday)
Day 12 (Wednesday)
Day 11 (Tuesday)
Day 10 (Monday)
Day 9 (Sunday)
Day 8 (Saturday)
Day 7 ( Friday)
Day 6 (Thursday)
Day 5 (Wednesday)
Day 4 (Tuesday)
Day 3 (Memorial Day/Bank Holiday)
Day 2.1 (still Sunday)
Day 2 (Sunday)
Day 1.1 (still Saturday)
Day 1 (Saturday)
Day 0 (Friday)
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