Katie's Live and Unleashed 05/06 Worldwide Tour travel blog

Katie's Live and Unleashed 05/06 Worldwide Tour

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Welcome to my website!

After months of planning and waiting my departure date is finally approaching (8 Sept 05)...The plan as it stands is:

- One week immersed in the Spanish lingo before commencing a 15 week truck-trip from Quito, Ecuador down South America's west coast to the southern tip of Chile and up the east, finishing in Rio for New Year's Eve celebrations.
- January 06 is New Zealand. A few days in North Island before descending on Nick (brother) in South Island and hiking some mountains. Parents join us to celebrate a little birthday!
- Australia is the destination for Feb and March, starting on the west coast then mainly based around Sydney.
- Singapore and Kate Roberts' should be my base for April, popping over to Borneo, then slowly working my way up to Bangkok for 3 months.
- At present I am booked to spend July and half of August in India, although may have to reassess depending on monsoon.

Return to UK date is 16 August 06 - less than a year away now!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful year and this should keep you vaguely up-to-date with where I am and what I am doing. Visitors are always welcome so let me know if our paths could cross. Take care x
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