Tanzania Tenting Safari 2004 with Kaskan & Elcess travel blog

Tanzania Tenting Safari 2004 with Kaskan & Elcess

Welcome to the trip journal for our Tented Safari through Northern Tanzania. The trip was arranged by Siemer & Hand Travel for the MIT Alumni Travel Program.

We expect *very limited* internet access during our trip, so you may not receive many updates until we return. Telephone contact is pretty much out of the question, since there are no phones in the camps and the lodge phones are often out of order. By the way, Tanzania has about six times as many mobile phones as land lines, while in the US we have only 87% as many.

Check out our itinerary and the maps pages to track our progress. Emergency contact information is listed on the itinerary page. For now, here are a few links to follow. (You'll probably have to copy the URLs and paste them into your browser's address bar.)

For basic information on Tanzania, check out the CIA Factbook, one of the best things ever done with our tax money. http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/tz.html

All of Tanzania is in the same time zone, +0300 UTC, or three hours later than Coordinated Universal Time, aka Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Zulu Time. [Great Britain observes British Summer Time, the equivalent of Daylight Saving Time, and so is one hour ahead of GMT during the summer at +0100 UTC.]

I can't format a table here, but here are some equivalents.
Noon in London is 2pm in Tanzania.
Noon in New York, Boston, and Miami is 7pm in Tanzania.
Noon in Austin is 8pm in Tanzania.
Noon in Seattle and San Francisco is 9pm in Tanzania.

To check the time live (not a bad idea even for smaller time zone differences), go to these websites:
Worldtime: http://www.worldtime.com/cgi-bin/wt.cgi?cnt=244509&ID=ea14520686 Once you choose the country here you'll get a list of major cities with current time, whether DST is observed, and sunrise and sunset times.
World Time Server http://www.worldtimeserver.com/?locationid=TZ This site has direct links for US states as well as major cities.

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Preparing for Departure
En Route (1)
En Route (2)
Welcome to Tanzania
Lake Manyara -- Dust...
Serengeti NP -...
Ngorongoro Crater - At...
Tarangire NP - Tsetse...
Last Day In Country
En Route (3)
En Route (4)
Austin - Home Again
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