Kapoors Spring 2018: Oahu and The Big Island travel blog

Kapoors Spring 2018: Oahu and The Big Island

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Kapoor Visit Hawaii: Oahu and the Big Island travel blog
April 26 - May 6, 2018
We were invited to visit our grandchildren in Hawaii before they return to Calgary in the middle of May! Our son and his family have been living on Ohau in order to escape the second half of winter in Canada.

The children have become very accomplished in the home's swimming pool and we are looking forward to getting splashed while they show us what little fishes they've become.

After a few days on Ohau, we are flying over to visit The Big Island for the first time. We're fascinated with volcanoes and this will be our first opportunity to see an active lava flow.

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NOTE You can click on the links below the Home Page Map for a detailed regional maps. This will give you a better view of our route and the cities we toured.

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Volcanoes National Park
Earthquake Magnitude 6.9
Kilauea Lava Flows
Hilo to Mauna Kea
Mauna Kea To Kona
Flight Delay! Go...
Portland (In Transit)
Seattle (In Transit)
Home To Victoria
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