Kapoors Year 12A: UK & Georgia (The Black Sea) travel blog

Kapoors Year 12A: UK & Georgia (The Black Sea)

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Year 12A: England and Georgia (FSR) travel blog
October - November 2017

Our plans to travel to England, Southern Italy and on to India and Thailand were upended when our son surprised us by bringing Anil’s siblings to Canada to celebrate Anil’s 70th birthday in Vancouver. His sister and his two brothers (along with their spouses) spent three weeks with us and their children in the US before returning home. We didn’t feel the urgent need to travel to India and see them in their own homes so soon after our amazing time together here.

We cancelled all our flights and hotel reservations except for our flight to England, and our hotel booking in Crawley, near Gatwick airport. Now we were travelling like we have done in the past. Starting off with a one-way ticket and a place to stay on arrival…leaving the rest of our trip completely flexible and open to serendipity.

After two weeks in England, Hurricane Ophelia threatened the beautiful weather we had been enjoying. Ireland was taking the brunt of the storm but the forecast was for rain throughout the entire United Kingdom. We abandoned our plans to explore more of England in order to get out the blustery weather heading our way.

We had received an email from dear friend suggesting we visit Georgia, just east of the Black Sea. She had written to us in September, encouraging us to pay a visit ourselves. We’ve always admired her willingness to explore places a little off the beaten path. If she sat in the sun, drinking red wine in the shadow of the Caucasus Mountains and we came to mind, then we should take her advice and just ‘wing it’!

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Respite At Heathrow
Zurich (In Transit)
Istanbul (In Transit)
Tbilisi, Georgia
Javri And Mtskheta...
Kakheti - Wine Country
Batumi On The Black Sea
Our Last Days In Tbilisi
Istanbul (In Transit)
Chicago (In Transit)
Seattle (In Transit)
Victoria And Home
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