Kapoors Year 8: Scotland/India/Bhutan travel blog

Kapoors Year 8: Scotland/India/Bhutan

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August - Dec 2013

We started Year Eight with ten days in New York City and then flew to London. We planned to see as much of Scotland, England and Wales as we could before we headed to India for our first Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights) in Delhi on November 3rd.

We were looking forward to celebrating the 40th Anniversary of our meeting each other on November 5, 1973. To help us celebrate, long time friends travelled to meet us in India, so that we could attend the Pushkar Camel Fair in Ajmer, Rajasthan together. Once we washed the smell of 30,000 camels out of our hair, we spent a week touring the Tibetan temples in Bhutan and capped things off with a hike to the world-famous Tiger's Nest Monastery.

We returned to Canada on December 15th in order to prepare for the arrival of our first grandchild, due in early March 2014. We were very fortunate to have unusually mild weather in Victoria, with very little rain. It was our first winter back in Canada since we retired, and we were dreading a cold and rainy spring. Instead, we were greeted with snowdrops in January, crocus In February, daffodils and tulips in March and cherry blossoms in April.

To our surprise and delight, on February 9th, we became grandparents for the first time, on the very same date we first became parents, 36 years earlier. You might think that our travels were curtailed with the arrival of that sweet baby girl, but not really. We travelled to Calgary each and every month from January to August in order to spend time with her.

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Day 7 (Tiger's Nest)
Day 7 (Archery In Bhutan)
Delhi (In Transit)
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