Kapoor Year 14A: The Balkans travel blog

Kapoor Year 14A: The Balkans

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Kapoors Year 14A: Adriatic Coast travel blog
Sept 2019 – Nov 2019

We first started looking at visiting Croatia when we were in northern Italy in October 2009. Wow! I can’t believe that was ten years ago – where has the time gone?

Anyway, we were in Venice and we thought we might be able to travel via train or bus to Trieste and then on into Croatia. When we inquired at the train station we were told that travel that late in the fall was actually quite difficult, that there had already been an early snowfall in the mountains that separate the two countries and that bus and train connections were sporadic because very few tourists were interested in the route.

We had thought we would travel by land around the Mediterranean Sea by land as much as possible, but instead we opted to take a train directly to Rome where the weather was fine and definitely not snowing. We had never been to Rome before, so it made sense and Anil managed to find us a very affordable flight from there to Istanbul. The Adriatic Coast and Greece would just have to wait for another time.

Since, then, Croatia has been on our radar again and again, but the time just never seemed right. One year it was extensive flooding due to heavy rains in the spring, and other years the migrant crisis caused by the outbreak of war in Syria kept us away.

So far it’s looking good, the current weather is fine, not too hot and not too cold, and the forecast is favourable. We are making a stop in Los Angeles to celebrate our nephew’s birthday on Sept 27th and then we fly from there to Dubrovnik, via Zurich and Zagreb.

The only downside of having waited these ten years to visit Croatia is that the Netflix series ‘Game of Thrones’ has been a blockbuster hit and hoards of fans now descend on poor Dubrovnik where many of the scenes have been filmed. We’re probably some of the few people on the planet who haven’t watched a single episode of the series, so I don’t think we’ll be having to elbow the fans out of the way; we’ll just avoid the prime locations and search for the out-of the-way corners of the city and the country.

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