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WELCOME to our trip journal! Just who are Jerry and Lindsay you might wonder. You can learn a little about us by clicking on “Personal Profile” found on the left side below our photo.

We were introduced to this wonderful website in April 2010 and have used it to share our journey with family and friends. Now with its newest feature of a “Travel Homepage” we are able to go backwards and chronicle our journey since its inception in June 2009. Fortunately, we are utilizing this prior travel documentation ability now before amassing any more mileage to our open-ended journey.

The best way to look at this new format is to view it as one large book divided into chapters with each chapter being a year of travel. As time allows we will add our 2009 travels as the 1st chapter of our journey. Then proceed to fill in the beginning of 2010 prior to April when we started using this website as our travel journal thus completing a 2nd chapter.

These prior year travel journals when completed can be accessed off this Travel Homepage on the right in the box titled “Trip Journals”. Just choose the yearly journal you would like to view, click on it then enjoy a single entry or the entire year of travel.

When 2011 begins, so will a new chapter and once again this current travel journal can be accessed from this same page by clicking on “Jerry and Lindsay 2011” in the box titled “CURRENTLY” also found on the right side of this page. This is where each new year’s journal can be found while the completed yearly travel journals will filter to the box below.

Another feature of this Travel Homepage is the ability to “Leave a Message” from this page in addition to still having the ability on each individual journal’s homepage. You will find “Leave a Message” on the upper right side of each journal and this page as well. We look forward to any and all comments and/or recommendations of things to do and see in an area we are visiting. Or you may want us to check something out for you. If so, just drop us a note.

To follow our travels you can use the maps found with each journal. By matching a map marker number found along the green lines; these show our travel route, to the journal entry number seen just left of the date will allow you to visualize where in this great country we were at the time of that particular journal posting.

We thank all our journal followers both the long time faithful and also those that may have just found our journal. We would invite you to receive our journal updates by e-mail if you are not already doing so. To do this simply click on “Request Updates” found on the right side of any individual journal’s homepage.

We hope you will continue to visit our journal and enjoy the travels past and those yet to come. Glad to have you along for the ride!

Jerry & Lindsay

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Traveling in Hawaii, United States
Jerry and Lindsay 2013 

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