Victor & Joanne's Italy and Bulgaria Family Adventure 2017 travel blog

Victor & Joanne's Italy and Bulgaria Family Adventure 2017

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Welcome to our trip journal! After a year of planning, we are finally on our way to Italy. Michael, Jamey and Noelle, and James, Andrea, Braeden and Liam will join us for the first 18 days. We start in Torino and can't wait to see cousins there. The Bisconti family are such loving and welcoming people ... we cherish our visit each time we see them.

Then it's off to Rome to explore the eternal city, join our Trafalgar Tour and head to Sicily. It will be magical to see our grandchildren experience their Nonno's hometown and visit relatives there too. Victor was born in Villagrazia, so a trip there is a must. So is a visit to one of the markets and the opera house.

After wishing our kids and grandkids a fond farewell in Palermo, we head to Florence to join Morgan and Boyan for two weeks in Tuscany and one week in Bulgaria to visit Boyan's family. What a treat to spend time with the Lesovi. We saw them two years ago in Istanbul and had a.grea time. How wonderful though to visit them in their home city. Crossing our fingers that we may get a chance for a visit to their cabin in the mountains.

Let the adventure begin!!

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And .... We're Off
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May 19/17
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May 26/17
May 29/17
Jun 4/17
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