Scott in India 2005 travel blog

Scott in India 2005

Scott travel blog
Welcome to my website. I'm excited to share my adventure to India with you. Click on a date below to read journal entries and to view photographs. The numbers 1 thru 10 correspond to the route on the maps. Many of the journal entries were contributed by Mary.

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Fly from Delhi to Hong...
Return to Delhi
3rd day in Varanasi
2nd day in Varanasi...
Agra to Varanasi
2nd day in Agra (Taj...
Karauli to Agra
2nd day in Karauli
Ranthambore to Karauli
Jaipur to Ranthambore
2nd day in Jaipur...
Shekhavati to Jaipur
2nd day in Shekhavati...
Delhi to Shekhavati
2nd day in Delhi
Hong Kong to Delhi
2nd day in Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Depart San Francisco
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