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Iceland Circumnavigate 2017

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Once again, another fabulous experience provided by National Geographic/Lindblad. We set sail on the National Geographic Orion, a state-of-the-art vessel equipped with advanced navigation, Arctic capability, and stocked with kayaks and motorized zodiac rafts to help you reach the most remote areas of this breathtaking country. Formed by fire, shaped by ice, and continually remodeled by the powerful North Atlantic, Iceland reminds us daily of the power of mother nature and the pristine beauty it creates. From jaw-dropping waterfalls with vibrant rainbows, to extensive rich black lava fields dotted with vibrant green moss and purple lupine, to powerful glaciers and black sandy beaches with immense basaltic column, the mind is continually in awe! Wondering sheep and gorgeous Icelandic horses dot the countryside. The country also boasts a 100% green lifestyle, as they have mastered the ability to harness the power of geology and thermal power to provide heat and electricity to the Island. It is an amazing pattern of pipes and power stations tattooed across the Island, providing life-sustaining energy to the people of Iceland. In a land of long dark winter nights and bitter cold, the lack of dependence on fossil fuels looms huge. One last note; if you go to Iceland, PLEASE do not eat whale or puffin. Whales are only hunted for tourists, and over 90% of the carcass is WASTED! Icelanders don't eat whale. Puffins are precious birds that should not be hunted. Again, they are on menus for tourists. Please avoid these restaurants. You don't need puffin or whale. It is like eating your dog or cat. On a brighter note, please visit Iceland smartly. It is a fantastic journey that will leave a lasting impression!

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