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Howie & Debbie.... the world is an oyster. Not mine, mind you.

These are NOT the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Nor are they likely to contain information of places uncharted or unknown. These entries will, however, amuse me from time to time and that's actually all that matters. Also, sometimes my camera takes pretty nice photos. Read on....

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Map World-Europe
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Amsterdam-Croatia-Israel: Fall 2018
Haui in Maui (Dec 2017 - Jan 2018)
Hong Kong, Mekong ...Wat-ever.....
Costa Rica? I thought you said "Costco"!
Houston ... You have a problem...
Edmonton to Philly in 5 Days or Bust
Israel 2014: We're on a Mission from God
Zoom Zoom - Chicago and the Indy 500 - May 2014
Israel 2013 - A Family Affair
Israel 2012 - A one way ticket...
Israel without a budget....again....
Kangaroos are Not Kosher - Howie & Debbie Down Under

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