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Here we go again! More adventures with Tim and Bon, ha! I (Tim) was not planning to go this time, but for lack of a place to stay in Missoula, I opted to accompany my partner, companion, mate, and long time wife on another journey. This time I'm only going for a month UPDATE: Due to a recently discovered and now needed hip surgery, I have opted to stay on through the surgery and rehab in Chenai until mid-Feb +/-. Bon will continue, meeting friends, Daphne and her daughter, Joey, along with Bon's sister, Mari in Calcutta (as will I) in November. They will explore the NE parts of India while I stay in Guwahati and then join them for the onward travel to the Andaman Islands until January.
Due to aforesaid mentioned surgery, Bon and Mari will not continue to other places unknown! Always an adventure!

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Gals in the photo L to R: Daphne, Joey (in rear), Bon, & Mare

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