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Welcome to the GEEZER TRAVELER'S latest odyssey!

(GeeĀ·zer - n: Slang. An old person, especially an eccentric old man)

You can click on the journal entries on the right of this page to read about and see photos from a particular trip. I've recently updated my Favorite Links on the left side. Just click on the title to connect.

Thanks for stopping by. Drop a note in the guestbook if you have comments or suggestions - I would love to hear from everyone! Good Travels!

The Geezer

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Traveling in Florida, United States

 Trip Journals 
Travels during the Pandemic - 2020
No Passport Required - October 2019
The Trans-Siberian - 2018
Mysterious Island
Europe - Fall 2017: The Life is Precious Tour
Time and Signs: Switzerland and Spain - 2017
Maine & the Maritimes - 2016
Yucatan Road Trip - 2016
East Asia 2015
Hawaii to Australia - 2014
On the Spice Route - 2014 (Israel, Palestine & Jordan)
On The Silk Route - 2013
The Blues Trail & More - Mississppi
Southern Africa - 2012
Australia and the Islands - 2012
South America - 2011
Another Taste of the Caribbean
New York City - 2011
Jamaica - "No Problems"
Along the Borderline - 2010
New Zealand 2010 - I'm Back!
The Euro-Spring-Tour - 2009
Back on Caribbean Time
Travels with Margaret - the Sequel (2008)
The Magical Mystery Tour - 2007
The Geezer's Carib Caper - February 2007
The Geezer across Europe - 2006
Travels with Margaret - 2005

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