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Anthony and Heather South-East Asia 2002

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Well, I had a free website to use up, and I like the format, so here is the South-East Asia trip that my then girlfriend Heather and I did in 2002 (that's us on the left, in Mexico). If you want to hear more about my entertaining trip a couple of years later from Beijing to Khatmandu via Tibet go to and if you want to see the one the year after that dicing with death in the Andes and the Amazon go to I didn't keep a journal, and my memory of the details of our SEA trip are a bit hazy, so there won't be so much verbiage and comedy as my other travel blogs. The pics are still good, though I seem to have lost all the Thailand ones except for these. I had never been to south-East Asia before and I have to say that this was a great trip. And Angkor Wat was a lifetime dream.

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South-East Asia!
Siam Reap
Angkor Wat
Around Siam Reap
Luang Prabang
Viang Vieng
Chiang Mai
Ao Nang
Last days in Bangkok
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