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Dan and Sarita's Runaway 2004-2005

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Welcome to our website!

Quick update: Can you believe that we are in the last week of our journey! Home on April 14th! And what a way to end - we are currently in the Yunnan Province of China - the views are spectacular and modern life has not yet reached these parts. It's amazing to see people living traditionally - untouched by modernity. We will visit the Yangste river tomorrow - one of the many highlights of China. The Great Wall and the Terracotta warriors were unbelievable. Sorry we've been poor on the updates - internet access in China is very poor! Give us a month and the site will be fully updates with pictures and all!

As you know, we quit our jobs and are travelling around the world. "Live life" is our mantra - work hard then take time to play hard... and do we mean it! We will provide updates as often as possible. We hope you enjoy our photos, journal entries and travelling with us.

If you would like to contact either of us, you may leave a message at this site by selecting the 'Leave a Message' link at the top right corner, or e-mailing us at the following:

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Nov 2/05
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