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After having taken a short reprieve, we are “back on the air”. This means we are also on the move. We kept quite busy after having returned from Alaska. Not being at the lake all summer and the summer storms that went through, there was not a lack of things to accomplish. Of course we also took time out for pleasure and visited the grandchildren. We now begin our second winter season in the motor home again headed for the southwest. The motor home has become “home”, and when asked where we are from we answer, “we are always home”. We are enjoying the “life” style and the freedom of moving to where we want to be and visit with whom we can. We plan on returning to some of the same places but will also mix in some new. So again, you are welcome to “come along”.

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"The Rally"
More Cousins
Cousin again
Greys Harbor Westport, WA
Flight Museum
Puget Sound LaConner, WA
Roughing it
Headed home
Found Interesting
Oct 24/08
On the move
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