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Howdy! Or "Grunt..." as we do in greeting in the British West Country. Actually, I am not expecting anyone to say "howdy", but I will be, like, you know, thrilled if they do, dude. Awesome. (And weirdly enough, after a while here I started catching myself saying it).

So here I am, off for 9 weeks to the US of A, and without a bullet proof vest, so fingers crossed my martial arts skills can help me dodge the hail of bullets that TV tells me will come my way if I try to do any late-night shopping in the cookie-mart.

Seriously though, after 9 weeks I have had to seriously revise my view of Americans, who are much nicer than Europeans, at least when they're not invading somewhere. And also, and perhaps more suprisingly, my view of America as a concept has changed, and it is much more important as a concept than in many other countries. Indeed, I have developed quite an admiration for the positive American principles and ideals.

I never had a strong desire to go to the States, but strangely enough was inspired by my experience of China, which made me more aware of the awesome geography in the US. The Grand Canyon is fairly universally recognised as one of life's 'must-sees', so off I go (and it defintely is a must-see). I could also never afford it before, but this has been a good year income wise - albeit too busy for my taste - so now seems like the time to go. The fact that the dollar is weak compared to the pound is nothing to do with it.

Broadly speaking, there are three sections to this 9 week trip. For the first three weeks I am alone. I fly into Las Vegas and head for three weeks in Californian National Parks with a brief sojourn in San Francisco with my Russian pals Vlad and Marina. Then I drive over to Phoenix, Arizona to pick up Erica and we tour the drier parts of the South-West for three weeks, beginning with the Grand Canyon. Then I am alone again for another three more weeks of long distance driving and National Parks, including Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountains, and then home from Las Vegas and back to earning money again for the next trip.

This is at least partly a journal to help my reminiscence therapy when my Alzheimers gets worse than it already is, so I do go on a bit sometimes. If you're pushed for time then I would suggest just looking at the "best of" pictures, three sets which are easy to find, and a final best of at the end. The really keen amongst you can read about a couple of the more adventurous of my previous trips through the links on this homepage, hopefully. Lots of strange food in strange places!

I have had a lot of fun here while driving over 12,000 miles through seven States and mucho National Parks, with half the trip over 7,000 feet and freezing one minute and frying the next: close encounters with buffalo, bears and rattlesnakes, winning at poker in Las vegas, walking across the Grand Canyon, driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, HUGE trees, mucho hikes, mucho mucho brain-stopping views, etc, etc. I highly recommend it.

Cowboy up!

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