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Adventure Bill's Great Pacific Exploration

Welcome to my Adventure Bill's trip journal!
You are about to embark on a joint adventure (of sorts) with me, and I appreciate you doing so.

This trip will take me to New Zealand (both North & South Islands), almost all around the periphery of Australia, and on a trans-Pacific cruise from Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, BC (Canada for those not familiar with that great area and people). The trip will finish by going from Vancouver to Seattle and finally back to Washington, DC.

I promise to limit my commentaries and descriptions to a reasonable amount, greatly depending upon my enthusiasm for whatever I have witnessed. Similarly, I'll post a few representative pictures to share the experience with what I'm sure will be devout, dedicated readers.

Thanks for sharing in my Great Pacific Exploration adventure. I hope you find it enlightening and entertaining.

Best wishes,

Adventure Bill

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Movie Land
Auckland - Day 1
Auckland - Day 2
Auckland - Day 3
Rotorua - Day 1
Rotorua - Day 2
Rotorua - Trip...
Wellington - Day 1
Wellington - Day 2
Picton, NZ
Christchurch - Arrival
Christchurch - Day 2
On the road between...
Te Anau - Late on Day 1
Te Anau - Day 2
Te Anau - Day 2 - with...
Queenstown, NZ
Queenstown - Day 2
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