The Adventure Begins in '10' (2010) travel blog

The Adventure Begins in "10" (2010)

Rick and Sandra travel blog
Welcome to our adventure journal! We are Rick and Sandra Bernsen of Jerome, Idaho.

Our adventure started as a dream, as we are sure that most do. Can we retire early? How could we see lots of new places? Soon we happened on a website about full-time rv-ing. Now there was an idea! Was it for us? Could we do that?

We started reading blogs on the Internet and went to RV shows in Boise and Salt Lake City to see what motor homes looked like...and how much they cost. Then we stepped into a fifth-wheel....ah hah! Now THIS we could live in!

April 2009 we announced to the other stock-holders of the company that we would like to retire within the next two years. A few months later, April 30, 2010 was the agreed upon date. We continued our reading and collecting brochures..any information we could get our hands on. The dream was turning into a possibility.

The next step was to take our next vacation in an RV. Rental options were limited, but we ended up in a 27 foot class-c. By the end of the week we knew we would like traveling and living in a coach. After our vacation we made arrangements to meet Greg and Barb Jones.( We had a great visit and they shared tons of helpful information with us.

We then signed up to attend the RV Rally, put on by Howard and Linda Payne, held in Texas October 2009. We had been following and now wanted to meet them also. By the end of that week we knew for sure that full-timing was for us. The rally seminars and all the new friends we made there supplied us such valuable information. Having so much time to talk and listen to so many that were already full-timing, hearing the questions, answers and suggestions of everyone, whether they were full-timing or not was such a learning experience. How we wished we could quit work and start rv-ing immediately! April seemed so far away.

December 2009 we purchased our 2010 Montana 3400RL made by Keystone.

We announced our retirement to the company employees in January 2010. In February 2010 we received an offer on our home without marketing it!

We can't wait 'til we can watch wildlife and enjoy a beautiful place or weather phenomenon without worrying about what time it is or what day it is!
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