Campbell's 2017 Western Trip travel blog

Campbell's 2017 Western Trip

Welcome to our 2017 Western Trip Journal.

We plan to make daily journal entries that will describe our experiences during our trip west to visit several national and state parks, wineries and ocean side campgrounds in Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada. Pictures will be included that will help visualize our encounters and vistas.

We have visited 32 national parks in our past journeys and will add 9 more on this trip.

We are leaving Maine on August 5 and, after 96 days, will arrive in Leesburg, FL on November 8.

To view our Trip Journals, click on the trip in the upper right hand window. You can view additional maps that have more detail by clicking on the map desired that are listed below the map shown.

We three (Steve, Kathleen and Martha) travel in our 27’-long, Winnebago View motor home that is supported by a Sprinter chassis. I have added three, 100 watt solar panels to the roof to keep our chassis and coach batteries charged. To speed up campground setup and teardown, I mounted an in-line water filter and installed a 12 volt sewer mascerator with a permanently attached hose. The latter will allow me to dump the gray and black tanks without having to use gravity and the aggravating-to-use and store, 3” diameter flexible hose.

For fun (and safety), I installed an air horn and a right side camera. I pressurize a small tank to 40 PSI and actuate the horn air valve with the Sprinter 12-volt horn circuit. So, two horns sound at the same time. I only found it useful when we were sandwiched between two semis on the interstate when the semi on our right decided at the last second to not use the off ramp but instead use the shoulder. :|

To reduce our chance of a mishap due to a punctured tire, we now have a tire pressure monitor system that monitors the pressure and temperature in all 10 tires and the tires’ status is shown on a Android tablet. A rapid loss in pressure will result in an alarm to sound.

You will be able to e-mail us at this same site if you wish (Click on 'Leave a Message' at upper right corner of the Journal page.) or, use our AOL e-mail addresses: and

We plan to dry camp in all 9 national parks for up to 4 nights and rely on the solar panels to keep our 12-volt batteries charged so that we can use our lights, keep our phones and laptops charged and run the propane furnace as necessary. If required, we can run our diesel generator for power but its exhaust is loud and smelly. A “dry” campsite is an open area in the woods with a picnic table and fire pit that lacks a water faucet or a 110-volt power supply or internet and phone service.

We moved our trip start date forward one week to reduce the chance of experiencing snow at the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. During our time there in late September, the average low temperature is 29F so we might still feel the cool. Our propane furnace will keep us warm.

We will camp at private campgrounds with full hook-ups on the days before we enter the national parks so we can top off our propane and fresh water tanks and empty our gray and black tanks.

We will be camping at 42 campgrounds, one RV Resort Ranch, 3 vineyards and one cul-de-sac and take one ferry ride. But, the voting result of the Federal Budget increase in Mid-October may cause us to change our travel plans and miss camping in the last 5 national parks. We have a Plan B for most of the national campgrounds if they are not acceptable or too hot or closed due to fires or the budget. If the budget increase is not passed we will camp in state parks.

On our way back to Florida, we will visit North Central Iowa where our deteriorating Sprinter seat covers will be replaced at the Forest City Winnebago plant. By the time we get there, we will probably have more coach issues to be resolved too.

For your information, our cell phone numbers are:
Kathleen: 484-336-6412
Steve: 484-336-6413

Thank you for visiting our Trip Journal.

Steve and Kathleen
July 31, 2017

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